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Charles D. Kelman, M.D.

Charles Kelman was born in Brooklyn, New York on May 23, 1930 to Eva and David Kelman. After graduating from Forest Hills High School and Boston's Tufts University, he completed medical studies at the University of Geneva, Switzerland; an internship at Kings County Hospital, Brooklyn; and residency in ophthalmology at the Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia. He has been in private practice in New York City since 1960.

In 1962 Dr. Kelman devised the cryo-probe, a freezing instrument for the extraction of cataracts within their capsules. (This became the most widely-used method for cataract removal in the world until about 1978 when it was supplanted by extracapsular cataract extraction with irrigation and aspiration, also introduced by Dr. Kelman and still the technique used by a majority of cataract surgeons today). In 1963 Dr. Kelman pioneered the use of freezing for the repair of retinal detachments. Retinal cryopexy remains a frequent adjunct in retinal surgery to this day.

Kelman phacoemulsification, introduced in 1967, reduced recovery from cataract surgery from a ten day hospital stay to today's out-patient cataract surgery, allowing the patient immediate return to activity. The procedure employs a small ultrasonic tip whose vibrations break up the mass of the cataractous lens within its capsule and suction it out through a small needle. It has been estimated that a hundred million such procedures have been performed worldwide. In 1975 Dr. Kelman began designing lens implants for use in conjunction with cataract surgery. Numerous companies including Allergan Medical Optics, IOLAB, Alcon Surgical, Domilens and Storz Ophthalmics sought his services. Dr. Kelman became the world's most successful intraocular lens designer.

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